Private spa (whirlpool and sauna)
ČERNÁ LOUŽE, pension and restaurant

Our private club will provide facilities for private sauna and relax in the spa pool. It is designed for up to 6 people. Is available to staff who provide refreshments of your choice. Equipment is a private club, high standard of the highest quality with the strictest hygienic conditions.


Sauna has primarily preventive effect. Regular visit to the sauna increases the body’s resistance to common infections of the upper respiratory tract. There is also evidence of a positive effect on encouraging sauna and tuning neural and hormonal functions of the body and helps the authorities during intense sweating to get rid of the increased metabolic waste products.

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Whirlpool (whirlpool, spa) will help relieve the tension caused by your daily worries and bustle. It provides relaxation and helps in the rehabilitation of your muscles and joints. Whirlpool will lower your heart rate, calm breathing and thus contributing for example to better sleep. Blahodárnéúčinky whirlpools, the combination of hot water and air in special jets. Huge role to play in the whirlpool and relaxation effects of buoyancy of the water, which reduces body weight by almost 90%.

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Price list

Meet in details with the prices of private sauna and Whirpool.

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Book a time just for yourself in our private wellness.

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