Accomodation in Český ráj ČERNÁ LOUŽE, pension and restaurant

Guesthouse and Restaurant Cerna Louze named after the nearby intersection of forest roads where people met eternity, and therefore you are here you can meet friends and experience extraordinary moments with great food that is prepared with utmost care by our team of chefs, who will help with the design of your menu.
Experienced and trained personnel will recommend wines that will tune to your most delicate dishes. In our rooms you will find a comfortable sleeping on top of the world handmade beds with mattresses of horsehair. Rooms offer full service amenities including our staff. Relax in our private club forget the worries of everyday life and enjoy the comfort of the Finnish sauna and the latest hot tubs with relaxing music.

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ČERNÁ LOUŽE, penzion a restaurace
Nová Ves 42, Branžež

+420 725 854 356