Experience gastronomie
ČERNÁ LOUŽE, pension and restaurant

Appetizers and soups
Beef tartare with truffle and celery
6,90 Eur
Foie grass, served domestic pear bread with fried black root in butter, shallots and garlic with parsley leaf
11,30 Eur
Red soup of white beans with smoked meat and sour cream
2,70 Eur
Soup of the day
1,80 Eur

Main stairs
Roasted fillet of catfish with potato straw, homemade apricot-onion marmalade complemented by a delicate sauce of confitgarlic
13,10 Eur
Grilled duck breast on rosemary oil, served with apricot sauce, potato terrine and cauliflower
11,65 Eur
Stewed deer meat with thyme and served with cranberry meringue and roasted mushrooms.
10,55 Eur
Grilled pork loin on green lentils with roasted eggplant,
chive sauce and red sherry
9,85 Eur
Beef sirloin steak with potato-carrot puree with caramelized yellow onions, green pepper sauce and a fine salad of mint and coriander.
18,90 Eur

Gingerbread dumplings with plum sauce and sweet chocolate snacks
4,20 Eur
Winter Black pudle
5,45 Eur
A selection of homemade ice creams and sorbets
3,30 Eur
Selection of French cheeses
9,45 Eur